How do you listen to your body?

Questions and discussions about your bodies and their parts.
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How do you listen to your body?

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What are some things that you do to listen to your body? It's easy to get caught up in the chaos of every day life, and sometimes we might forget to pay attention to what our bodies need.

For me, I sometimes find that when I'm feeling extremely stressed or anxious, it's because I haven't been getting enough rest and maybe need to take a nap or go to bed early. Another important one is being more mindful of when I need to eat.

Being mindful of your body can mean a lot of things, not just physical! It could also look like reminding yourself of how much your body does for you, or taking the time to name things you like about your body.

What do you do to listen to or be mindful of your body? How does listening to your body help in other areas of wellbeing?
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Re: How do you listen to your body?

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Usually when I'm really stressed out I pay attention to things like, "Is my stomach growling because I'm hungry?" and "Is my mouth dry because I haven't been drinking enough water." I feel like actually paying attention to my body and the signals it sends is super important to staying in a good mood.

Of course, then there's also all the times when I'm horny. I slow down and listen to my body when I'm masturbating so I don't hurt myself. I try to focus on the pleasurable sensations my body is feeling.

However, appreciating my body is sometimes very hard for me because I'm a trans woman. Dysphoria is the worst. However, now that I've started growing boobs, I'm finding it a lot easier for me to be comfortable in my body. I feel like learning to treat my body as a thing that keeps me alive and trying to limit my usage of gendered terms for my parts will help me feel more comfortable being who I am. The alternative is to be quite unhappy about my AMAB body.
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Re: How do you listen to your body?

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Same here. I feel terrible when I'm stressed out. My body hurts everywhere. My knees, back, stomach, head, arms...
I heard one interview with Jim Carry, where he talked about depression.
Depressed - is your body saying "I need deep rest". That attitude literally changed my mindset. I stopped overworking and doing unpaid stuff (which should not be assigned to me at all!). I stopped arguing and conflicting with people. Got rid of toxic people and relations. It all helps, and I can feel it.
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Re: How do you listen to your body?

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Rubix, I really like what you said about focusing on pleasurable sensations! I tend to be very task-oriented, so it helps to remind myself to slow down and enjoy things. Listening to my body's reactions to a food I'm eating, movement I'm doing, how the weather feels to me is something I'm trying to do more of.

I am also learning to listen to my body's needs for alone vs. social time. I love being around people and my default is to spend time with at least one other person when possible, but if I start getting irritable or anxious, I know it's usually time for me to create space for myself.
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