Was drag healthy??

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Was drag healthy??

Unread postby transfemandgay » Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:52 am

So in my sophomore year of HS, my school offered a class in drag for 5 full days. I joined and we (like 7 openly queer students including me and a queer teacher) talked to drag performers, went to an LGBT center, watched a drag show, shopped for and made costumes, and performed on the last day.

From the beginning I made it clear that I wanted my drag persona to be incredibly slutty, which everyone else including the teacher was supportive of. The only limits was what we were comfortable doing in front of other students and teachers, other than that the teacher let us be a sexual as we wanted with each other and our performances.

My costume consisted of:
- 2 inch block heeled metallic silver shoes
- Dark blue stockings cut into thigh highs with garter straps
- Black dance shorts
- An open front skirt made out of a silver glitter waistband and glittery white chiffon fabric
- A lacy dark blue bra stuffed with paper towels
- Purple opera gloves
- Purple gradient eyeshadow with winged eyeliner and blue glittery lipstick with glitter glued to the corners of my eyes
- A white robe over it all

The color scheme related to my persona name.

I danced to a song called S.L.U.T by Bea Miller and threw my robe off at the start of the vocals. My dance was pretty sexual but only as sexual as someone who never dances and has no hip isolation can be. In attendance to the show were some students, friends, and teachers (one of which was the first adult I ever trusted coming out to) with fake dollar bills.

The entire five days had some sexual talk and some sexual behavior with each other but other than that I loved doing it. And my teacher loved doing the class, too.

The reason I’m questioning if it’s healthy was because my gf was concerned that my teachers would take advantage of me or something. The school they went to had a lot of predators as teachers but mine didn’t have the same problem. In fact I trusted my teachers a lot with talking about sex and stuff. I specifically chose my outfit and song cause I wanted to be sex positive. I was originally gonna wear a holographic thong but sewing is harder than it looks so I just went with dance shorts. But I wanted the thong so that I could 1) Show off my feminine bulge and 2) Show off my stretch marks.

I was really really happy for those 5 days. I loved my body and everything about it. I loved the clumsy dance I did and the way I did it and the reaction on my teachers face when I took my robe off. She hugged me and everyone was so happy for me.

But like???? At the same time it was incredibly sexual with teachers who were just fine with it. And I was fine with it but my gf’s concern makes me scared I did something bad??? That like none of that matter cause I danced sexually for adults and students. Yeeeeeah idk.

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Re: Was drag healthy??

Unread postby Sam W » Mon Feb 24, 2020 11:31 am

Hi transfemandgay,

From what you're describing, it doesn't sound like you did something bad. In fact, it sounds like it was really positive experience for you, and was overall a pretty positive thing for all the people involved.

I don't think your girlfriend is wrong to say that this was a situation where a teacher could cross a boundary, especially if they come from a school where that was an ongoing problem. Situations where things are already taking on a sexual edge are things that an adult with bad intentions could take advantage of. And there are some things (like tossing fake money your way) that, had I been the teacher in the situation, I might avoid because they could create an uncomfortable or inappropriate dynamic (or look bad to an outside observer), even just for the course of the song.

But, it sounds like there was discussion during the planning about what levels of sexuality in the dancing were okay, which means they were letting you and the other performers set your own boundaries and work based on your comfort levels. That's a pretty safe way of approaching the project, and making sure students aren't being forced to do something they're not comfortable with.

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