Bleeding during ovulation

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Bleeding during ovulation

Unread postby noba » Sat Feb 15, 2020 3:43 am

Hi all. I'm sorry for being a bother but I would like to ask a question. But first let me explain what going on.

So on January 26 me and my bf had a sexual activity. We grind each other and it was unprotected, no penetration and no ejaculation. After we done doing it I gave him oral sex and that's when he ejaculated. I remember clear that I didn't touch any of my private part at that time and then went to clean my mouth and hands. I forgot to clean my V after that and we went out together. 10 hours later I clean my V. 3 days later I got my period, and it was my normal 4 days period (1 light, 2 heavy, 1 light). Now it has been 18 days since my period and 2 days ago my app said it was my ovulation day. And at that time I was shocked to find my panty has stains of blood. When I wiped my V there was blood mixed with my discharges. It wasn't much but it mixed up with the discharge. It keeps going until this noon, it seems to be lessen. I afraid that this is what they called implantation bleeding. I had symptoms before like breast and back pain.

About 5 days ago, I got my self appendectomy surgery and now my abdominal is kind of hurt and I'm pretty gassy. Now Idk if my bleeding was because of this surgery but it's making me anxious.

Is this pregnancy??

Now Idk what's happening to me. Tbh I was pretty stressed out for these couple of weeks because I don't wanted to get pregnant. Please help I need some assurance.

Sam W
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Re: Bleeding during ovulation

Unread postby Sam W » Sat Feb 15, 2020 9:14 am

We will not answer ANY questions about pregnancy fear or anxiety in our direct services from users who are not pregnant or who are not or have not otherwise been directly involved with an actual pregnancy.

Please do not post this kind of question. If you are seeing this text, and your thread is locked, it is because you have posted this kind of question.

We CAN and WILL talk about things like:
• choosing and using a method or methods of contraception for any future sexual activity
• creating your own sexual limits and boundaries based on your needs and/or presenting them to any partners
• making sexual choices that suit your own needs, abilities and limitations, including your own readiness for certain possible risks
• help locating or using emergency contraception if and when you have had a pregnancy risk
• discussing options with a real, existing pregnancy, and help finding and accessing those options, such as abortion services and pre-natal care, or discussing feelings or concerns about a past pregnancy
• help with anxiety like locating mental health services, sound self-help or asking for support from friends or family

For help dealing with a scare (including what poses a risk and your next steps based on your unique situation), you may use our tool on site built for this purpose: The Pregnancy Panic Companion.
For help with anxiety, click here.
For related help and information at Scarleteen, click here.
If you would like more information about this policy, click here.

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