Condom question

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Condom question

Unread postby Liv0215 » Mon Jan 27, 2020 6:39 pm

Alrighty so me and my bf had sex approximately 2 times Saturday night. We both used different condoms each time and didn't reuse any. The 1st time he used a large when he uses XL the majority of the time so the condom was kinda tight but still comfortable. After he had finished the first time, he stayed inside of me for a few minutes before pulling out. He was still pretty erect when he pulled out and wasnt soft just yet. I don't think there was any slippage or leaks since the opening of the condom didnt have any fluid along the sides or around the rim. There was a bit of fluid along the base of the condom but it never reached high enough to the opening. There were also no breaks or rips since I always double-check if there are afterwards. What's the likelihood of some of the fluid being leaked? I know that youre supposed to pull out straight away which was dumb of us not to do. The 2nd time was normal since he pulled out straight away that time. I know I'm thinking really hard about this and freaking myself out. Would it be obvious if there were leaks? The condom not having any fluid near the opening should be a sure sign but my anxiety is pretty determined to freak me out. :")

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Re: Condom question

Unread postby Sam W » Tue Jan 28, 2020 6:39 am

Hi Liv0215,

If a condom breaks, it will be a noticeable tear, so if it was intact when you looked at it, then you can assume it did it's job. Really, as long as a condom doesn't break or come off, you can assume that it's protecting you the way it's supposed to.

You mention your anxiety is doing a good job of freaking you out. Do you often get anxious about things like this after sex?

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