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Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:17 pm
by TownHall
Hey Scarleteen, I went to my gynecologist and we discussed birth control options and she recommended me trying the nuvaring. My doctor gave me 2 months samples and said that if I liked it to call her so she can prescribe more. I have questions now that I didn’t have them so I would like to get some answers :)

1) I’m on the pill and she said to start it when I get done with my current pack, will the nuvaring be effective right away or do I have to wait 7 days? (The samples she gave me didn’t form with an informational pamphlet)

2) do I have to take it out during sex or leave it in? I saw some people on the Internet day how they take it out but my doctor said that if it were to fall out during sex to just put it in (she specifically said DO NOT WASH IT) and I inferred I keep it in during sex because she made that statement

3) idk if you guys know but how long do I leave it in for and when do I take it out and when do I put a new one in? (My Pill pack had 24 active pills and 4 placebo ones would I keep it in 24 days and take it out 4 or is it Keep in 21 days and take out 7)

4) is it like inserting a tampon? Is there a wrong way to insert it?

Re: NuvaRing

Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 10:12 pm
by al
Hi TownHall,

Glad to hear that you were able to talk with your provider and came up with an option for contraception! Here are the answers to your questions:

1) It should start releasing hormones almost immediately after insertion (as body heat warms it up and helps for those hormones to be released!). If you're switching over from the combined pill (both estrogen and progestin), you should still get continuous protection.
The manufacturer technically only recommends using a backup method if you're switching over from the progestin-only pill, the implant, IUD, or injection. But, if it gives you peace of mind, you can always add in extra protection for the first week or so!

2) Most people leave it in during sex, and report that even if they feel it, it doesn't bother them that much. The more consistently you keep it in, the better you can feel about it giving you the best possible protection against pregnancy.
However, if it does come out, like your provider said, as long as it's been out for 3 hours or less, you should be able to reinsert it. The manufacturer says that you can rinse it off with cool water (not hot, again, because of the hormones), but since your provider gave you different instructions, you may want to check in with them about it.

3) Usually, NuvaRing is left in for 3 weeks (21 days), then taken out, there is an off week (7 days), and then a new one is put in after 28 days.

4) It's a little bit like inserting a tampon, but also different. The website below has tips about inserting it and how to troubleshoot if things don't feel right, but the thing that helps the most is time, patience, and practice. :)

You can also find all these answers (and more!) on the manufacturer website:

Feel free to reach out again if you're having any trouble with it or you have any questions!