No Feeling while masturbating??

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No Feeling while masturbating??

Unread postby lovinglylovinme » Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:29 pm

Hey. I'm a trans dude (pre-t and no surgeries). Also, asexual. I have fetishes, but no real attraction. It's hard to explain.

Anyway. Whenever I try to masturbate, I just dont feel much. I've used my fingers (in a variety of different ways), done it while I was home alone or sure that no one would walk in. I've tried to use a packer I have (after sanitizing it, of course) but it just... didnt really fit. I would get a vibrator, but I dont have a dollar to my name.

I always do it once I'm aroused, and in a place I'm sure that no one will walk in on.

I've read all I can about it. But alas, nothing. I feel things, just not anything that increases my pleasure. Never gets me there, ya know? So if anything I'm left in a worse place than I started. Aroused with nothing to actually get me there, so I just have to let it die down.

Any advice or info any of you can give me?

Sam W
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Re: No Feeling while masturbating??

Unread postby Sam W » Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:08 pm

Hi lovinglylovinme,

It sounds like you're already experimenting with lots of different solutions, which is a great strategy (although one that can leave you frustrated after awhile if you keep trying things only to have them not work). If you're curious about trying vibrators, this article has some D.I.Y options that may work (some might already be in your house, so you wouldn't have to buy them): D.I.Y. Sex Toys: Self-Love Edition

To make sure I'm understanding you right, you feel something when you try masturbating, but the thing you feel isn't pleasurable? Or does it feel good in some way but not a way that gets you closer to orgasm?

Are there other types of things that do make your body feel pleasure (even if it's not sexual pleasure)? That could be being touched in certain ways, taking a bath, things like that.

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Re: No Feeling while masturbating??

Unread postby Jacob » Mon Oct 14, 2019 2:18 pm

Aw lovinglylovinme that sounds really frustrating.

If you have fantasies which work for you, I'd focus on enjoy them for what they are. Relaxation is also going to be a major factor. So if you can think of anything that would make your environment more comfortable and feel more relaxing, that will help too.

In practical terms (in addition to the link Sam shared) if you're looking for stuff that vibrates, it might be worth checking out what apps are available which turn a phone into a vibrator that is if you have a phone with a generous vibration motor.
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