Missed period

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Missed period

Unread postby peachypng » Thu Sep 27, 2018 8:44 pm

Today, the 26th, is my expected period but I have no spottings. Usually my period is always on time no matter how stressed out I am(I read that stress can delay your period.)
The only form of sexual activity was giving my boyfriend head abour month ago and wiping myself on a towel he has given me so I could dry myself down there and I had his semen on my hands but it was dried up and I cleaned my hands with sanitizer and water;not touching anywhere near my vagina. (I can’t recall if I wiped myself with the towel or napkins from my purse) could the dry semen could have made me at risk? I’ve been expediting my usual symptoms such as tender breasts, nausea, headaches, clear discharge and back pains. Could my scheduling have been wrong? Last month when I had my period I knew I was off by a day or two but I checked my cycle and I usually have a 25-27 day cycle.

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Re: Missed period

Unread postby Siân » Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:19 am


I suggest you read these:

M.I.A or, Dude, Where's My Period?
On the Rag: A Guide to Menstruation

From the second one: "A late period, for the record, is generally considered so only once it is five days later than the latest it is expected."

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