Questioning my hormones as a 13 yr old

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Questioning my hormones as a 13 yr old

Unread post by jizell123 »

Hi uhm its my first time asking a question on here. it feels weird asking this to a bunch of strangers online but it feels weirder asking my mom or sister(s).

My hormones are crazy, so i uhm tried to "help" myself near my private area. I dont do it often as its only every few months. My questions are, do i wash my hands before i do it? and inside is there suposed to be like a thingy i feel when, uh yeah. And do i go around it?

Thank you for answering this if you see it but im just wondering its really weird and im really questiong these things. please reply
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Re: Questioning my hormones as a 13 yr old

Unread post by Heather »

Hi there, and welcome to the boards. There's nothing weird about these questions.

Our hormones can't really be "crazy" and they generally are only one of the reasons we might want to be sexual with ourselves or with anyone else. But no one needs a reason or cause to masturbate: it's something anyone can do just because they want to and they like it, and as often (or not) as works for them.

If you're going to be toughing your genitals, then for sure, you'll want to wash your hands, just like washing them before eating.

In terms of your anatomy, I can't tell if you're asking about the outside of your genitals or the inside, and I also don't know what kind of genitals you have.

But how about I share two links to guides to the two most basic genital configurations, and that way you can find out more for yourself, and also circle back here and let me know what anatomy and what part you're asking about?
Innies & Outies: The Penis, Testes and More
Innies & Outies: The Vagina, Clitoris, Uterus and More
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