I need to talk to someone

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I need to talk to someone

Unread post by Ilovecats »

Hi I need to talk to someone about something personal I don’t feel comfortable sharing it publicly but when will the online chat be open because my time zone is different and PST isn’t in use now it’s PT so I’m very confused and need some help
Thanks :)
scarleteen staff/volunteer
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Re: I need to talk to someone

Unread post by Siân »

Hi Ilovecats,

Welcome to the boards! The chat times are all here, and the easiest way I find to convert between Pacific time and UK time is with a timezone converter like this one .

The converter takes care of daylight savings so you can just put in e.g. "London" and "Pacific" and it'll make sure you get the right times.

For tomorrow, chat is at 4.30pm-6.30pm and 10pm-midnight UK time.

Also, I know it can feel strange posting about personal stuff here on the boards, but this is why we ask folks not to put in too much identifying information - your posts are anonymous so you can share more freely. Have a poke around and see :)
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