Can changing routine cause a late period

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Can changing routine cause a late period

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Hi! This month marks the second month I’m a row that my period has been late for me. Last month it was late 34 days, and now I am a couple days over a week late. I should note that I am 20 years old and have never had penetrative sex, only oral and fingering so I can rule those out as to why.

I’m in college and may is the month of finals, I started a new part time job, and at the beginning of may my roomate on campus got COVID and I was basically forced to relocate back home and become a commuter student because she needed to isolate. All of this to say, these all could be contributing.

I just can’t recall a period ever being this late, I’ve had so many I probably just can’t remember it but I’m becoming worried…my mind is getting anxious and has a tendency to fill in gaps with scenarios that don’t even make sense. I just wanted a second opinion,
Sam W
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Re: Can changing routine cause a late period

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Hi Lovelly_Kayyy,

Periods can be late for a lot of reasons, including things like stress (which it sounds like you've been dealing with quite a bit of). If you take a look at this article, you can see if there are other reasons that might apply to your situation: M.I.A or, Dude, Where's My Period?.
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