My sexuality

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My sexuality

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I like women, I would date a woman, and I am sexually attracted to women. I am also attracted to some men, and I would date some, but I am not sexually attracted to them. What is my sexuality?
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Re: My sexuality

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Hi there, welcome to the boards!
We're not here to tell you what your sexuality or sexual orientation is, because only you can decide that. We can help point you in the right direction to get more clarity and make that decision. That being said, sexuality is fluid and can change throughout your life. It sounds like you're what people would consider bisexual (or perhaps pansexual), but depending on your gender, you'd be heteroromantic or homoromantic. It's normal to be attracted to a certain gender sexually but not romantically, and vice versa.
Here's a good primer with great info about sexuality: Sexuality: WTF Is It, Anyway?
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