Difficult in using vaginal capsule

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Difficult in using vaginal capsule

Unread post by Linda »

Good day ma/sir

Please I have some questions to ask.

Started feeling discomfort in my Vagina, Itchying,Burning sensation,and Little odorless discharge. Spoke to a pharmacist and He prescribed medications for me, but didn’t tell the pharmacist I am a Virgin.The problem am having is the Insert capsule. The vagina Hole is small so the capsule isn’t going as deep as should, When I Manage to insert as it isn’t that deep from the Surface than comes the Physical discomfort and pain. Please ma/sir My question is can the Capsule still work since is not going as deep as should. And the after pain of the Struggle to insert it deep last hours to stop.is that Norma? I also what to know if there is a vaginal capsule for virgins that can be comfortable Enough to use. Thank you
Sam W
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Re: Difficult in using vaginal capsule

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Hi Linda,

So, to start out with, being a virgin isn't the main cause of this issue; virginity is an idea, not a physical state, and someone who's had vaginal sex lots of times could have the same issues inserting this that you are. If you want to learn more about virginity, this is a great starting place: 20 Questions About Virginity: Scarleteen Interviews Hanne Blank.

That being said, there are a few common reasons why inserting things, including medications, into the vaginal canal can be difficult or painful. One is position; there are some positions you can put your body in that often make insertion easier. Some people find squatting helps, or putting one leg up on something like a toilet seat or the edge of a bathtub. Others find that laying down on a bed where they can more easily open their legs helps a lot. Another thing you could try to make insertion easier is putting a little lube on the capsule to help it slide in, and to try and relax as much as you can when inserting it. Do those sound like things you can try?
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