unable to deal with ocd

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unable to deal with ocd

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I am back on this thread.
I have had three periods since the risk, 1st one 36 days after, 2nd one 16 days after and the third 32 days after.
I have also had 8 negative pregnancy tests.
However, my back has been paining on and off and i have been having stomach aches, although that could be attributed to my pcos and my cysts that occasionally come up.
This is due to the incident where i think my boyfriend's cum touched my fingers when he came in my mouth, i wasn't sure if cum could have spilt on my fingers ( i am not even sure it did, really) or if i washed it off or not or just spit it out from my mouth (not sure), i changed out of 2 outfits and then went to the washroom and touched my underwear lightly. I don't know why the three periods and negative tests aren't enough confirmations for me, i keep hearing about women on reddit and tiktok telling that their pregnancy wasn't detected on the tests. I am not sure how to calm down about this situation. Please help. I can't believe i am in the same situation again :(
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Re: unable to deal with ocd

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Hi aaru257,

I'm so sorry that you're still struggling with anxiety around this. My first recommendation is to take a break (at least 24 hours, if not more) from googling or otherwise reading about anything related to pregnancy. Sometimes that all by itself is enough to sort of break the anxiety loop. It may also help to have this article on hand in the future, to help you sort out what kind of sex information is accurate and what kind isn't: Legit or Unfit? Finding Safe, Sound Sex Educators & Support Online

Can you give me a sense of what kinds of things you've been trying to manage your anxiety around this? Are there tools you've used for OCD in the past that you could try now?
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