Lighter Flow Than Normal?

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Lighter Flow Than Normal?

Unread post by nyxoxo »

hi hi scarletteen staff! i was wondering if you could maybe help me figure out what’s going on with my period: the first date of my last period was august 23, and since then i’ve gotten all my usual symptoms of pms (acne breakout, raging mood swings, fatigue, bloating, appetite changes, you know..the works) i got a little bit of spotting for two days on the 9th of this month, but i tried not to read too much into it.
this week i’m due for my period and i am bleeding, but it’s not my usual bleed? it’s a very light pink/reddish color or it’s brown, and it’s not nearly enough to require a tampon or pad, more like a pantyliner if anything.
so far it’s been like this for the last two to three days: i get smaller sharper cramps here and there too, but it’s nothing like my normal period. i’m used to a medium to heavier flow with harsh cramps, so this is a little strange for me haha. maybe you guys could help me sort all this out.😅
(oh! and in case any of this info helps: i’m on hormonal bc, i have taken emergency contraception this month, and my boyfriend and i have been smoking weed a lot more often lately, to help with my mood swings/higher stress levels as of late. bodies are weird like that, so i wanted to be sure to add it in case it mattered. thanks so much for reading!)
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Re: Lighter Flow Than Normal?

Unread post by Sofi »

Hi nyxoxo, welcome to the boards!
You know, periods are one of those topics that we don't want to make assumptions about because there could be so many variables and reasons it changes etc. It's definitely not weird for people to have a heavy flow but then occasionally have lighter periods, it's usually due to hormonal changes. This doesn't mean you should freak out about a pregnancy risk (although if you're sexually active, it might be good to take a test to ease your mind if you think that could be a possibility). You mentioned you're on hormonal birth control so that could be all it is! Our flow and other symptoms can often change due to birth control. I'm linking an article on our site with a bunch of information regarding periods, feel free to read over it and let us know if you have any other questions or concerns <3
On the Rag: A Guide to Menstruation
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