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can sperm on fingers that touches underwear saturated with vaginal discharge then find a way to get inside the body and cause pregnancy?
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Re: question

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Hi there Aarushi257, I noticed that you mentioned that you have OCD about pregnancy in a previous thread and recently asked a similar question about sperm a few days ago. How are you doing at the moment?

The articles that Emily linked you in your most recent question before this one contain information that demonstrates that it isn't possible for you to get pregnant this way. Here they are listed below with a couple of others, it can help to keep them somewhere handy when you're feeling like you need some reassurance. With fears and particularly anxiety disorders, even if we know that logically things are a certain way, that this doesn't mean that it is easy to stop feeling anxious and having intrusive thoughts. How are you going with your OCD? You mentioned that it is hard to get mental healthcare in the UAE, are you still finding there are not really options to seek therapy? Finding ways to seek help and strategies to help you when your OCD flares up is something we can talk with you about here.

To start with, here is an article that has links to some great websites and articles. Some of the websites are by the health services of various countries, but anyone can access their information, which can be really helpful: Anxiety and Other Mental Health Resources.
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