Fear of orgasm and all things sexual

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Fear of orgasm and all things sexual

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I'm a 15 year old biological female and I have a huge fear of spontaneously having an orgasm. I've had terrible anxiety surrounding this issue for years now and it is totally draining. I'm aware there is something called PGAD and I am also afraid I have this. Although, I constantly have to remind myself I don't as I do not have any symptoms. I have zero sexual desire and I find anything sexual disgusting even though in my younger years I was quite intrigued by more sexual things. I often wake up climaxing which I'm aware is common for people my age, but it increases my anxiety a ton. I also think I get quite easily aroused even when I'm not thinking of anything sexual but I think this is due to my anxiety. This has become so detrimental to my everyday life and I have no idea what to do anymore. If anyone relates to this it would make me feel tons better as it is quite embarrassing to talk about.
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Re: Fear of orgasm and all things sexual

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Hi rinpin_05!

I want to start by letting you know that it is very normal to both experience arousal without a specific “prompt”, especially as our bodies are going through puberty. Orgasming during sleep is also totally normal and common for people of many ages. (When we sleep, our bodies are very relaxed and there is more blood flow to the lower half of our body, so it makes sense that we would orgasm more spontaneously or without intention). So I wouldn’t say that these would be representative of PGAD if that makes you feel better! I think the big distinction is that for PGAD, the physical symptoms are very uncomfortable and unrelenting, not just spontaneous.

I am bummed for you that what you are feeling is detrimental to your everyday life, though! Do you mind sharing more about what makes you anxious about your sexual arousal? Then maybe we can talk through some ideas for managing these anxieties :)
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