Semen on new condom

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Semen on new condom

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Hi, just want to ask if its possible to get pregnant when semen might came in contact on the outside of the condom? It happened when we did it first time and I replaced the used condom. I just used tissue to wipe my thing and I can't fully remember if my hands might have touched my semen. I'm worried that I had it on my hand while placing a new condom. Is that possible or the sperm should have been killed right away because it was outside the body. This all just happened for a few minutes only.

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Re: Semen on new condom

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Hi martin021,

So, the scenario you're describing doesn't pose a risk of pregnancy, because sperm cannot survive the trip from penis to hand to condom. Too, sperm need specific conditions in order to help create a pregnancy. You can read more about that in these two articles: Who's Afraid of Sperm Cells?, Human Reproduction: A Seafarer's Guide.
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