missing period/how to get it back

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missing period/how to get it back

Unread post by theaprilwitch »

so my periods have always been irregular, but most of the time they come earlier rather than later, so it’s kinda a big deal when my period is late, and i have trouble tracking them

it’s late now, and my last period in march was pretty light and had bright red blood

i have been sexually active, but only doing oral and manual masterbation, and i have a fear of pregnancy so we’ve tried to be very careful (doing me first, then my bf, he wears a condom, etc) so ive not engaged in any of the acts that can cause a pregnancy, and i took a test to just make sure and it was negative, so i think that is not a possibility, even though im afraid of it

since my last period, i have been extremely stressed all throughout the course of april due to various life events, and ive lost some weight because of it (ive always had a bad relationship with food, and tend to avoid it when stressed) and ive drank significantly more caffeine

ive definitely calmed down since then, especially since ive accepted that im not pregnant, but the fact of the matter remains that i want my period back. any suggestions on how to achieve that? i just want to confirm my body is healthy.
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Re: missing period/how to get it back

Unread post by Sam W »

Hi theaprilwitch,

The tricky thing is, there's not really a way to induce a period; your cycle will get to it when it gets to it. Too, what you're describing isn't that unusual, since you're still at an age where some cycle irregularity is to be expected. And there are lots of reasons periods can go missing for a month. You can read more about them here: M.I.A or, Dude, Where's My Period?. So, this might just be a matter of being patient until your period comes.

That being said, if the irregularity is concerning you, or you've missed more than two periods, that would be a time to check in with a healthcare provider.
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