Sexual pleasure

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Sexual pleasure

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I have been sexually active for a while now but just don't feel any sexual pleasure whatsoever. I have tried all sorts of masturbation possible but nothing seems to work. I am able to get aroused but my clit doesn't feel good at all neither does penetration. The only time I remotely feel some pleasure is through my nipples but it is very muted and doesn't work for very long. It's really frustrating and I'm not sure what to do anymore I just feel hopeless. Nothing feels good and I have tried almost everything possible. Its not psychological because I don't suffer from any mental health issues and I don't have issues actually getting aroused but I don't feel anything at all.
Sam W
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Re: Sexual pleasure

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Hi Ennie8972,

It sounds like you've been following a lot of the recommendations we give folks around finding a way of masturbating that feels good to them, which I imagine makes it more frustrating to feel like you aren't getting anywhere.

Can you give me a sense of whether you're able to feel pretty intense, non-sexual pleasure? That could be from food, or taking a bath, getting a massage, things like that. Or do you feel like its hard for you to experience pleasure, period?
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