Masturbation. What just happened?

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Masturbation. What just happened?

Unread postby Bubblegum » Sun Mar 14, 2021 2:07 am

Hi, so I’ve just made an account and I’m new here so hello :).

I’m 17 this morning I masturbated (which I have done before) . It felt good but something came out of me and I assumed that I had squirted, I was excited because I know a lot of women really struggle to squirt. But I googled it and it said that when a woman squirts it doesn’t have a smell etc. This smelt like pee. Did I pee myself?!? I’ve looked around the internet and I’ve found a lot of girls that had gone through the same thing and nobody ever really got an answer as to if they had just peed themselves. I just feel a bit embarrassed and glad that I did it on my own instead of with somebody else around. I also just struggle to orgasm because I don’t really know what that’s meant to feel like as a lot of people say very different things. Any help/advice is so appreciated <3

Sam W
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Re: Masturbation. What just happened?

Unread postby Sam W » Mon Mar 15, 2021 7:03 am

Hi Bubblegum,

I think part of the confusion you're running into is due to the fact that, while we know squirting isn't the same as peeing, the fluids come through the same place. That means that traces of urine could come out when you do it, which could explain the smell you noticed. If you read through this article, does it seem to match what you experienced? Squirt: On Ejaculation

As far as what an orgasm feels like, the reason you're finding people saying different things is that how it feels varies from person to person. It will also vary from instance to instance for a given individual. Generally, orgasm feels like a moment of pressure being released, like your body has been building up tension and then is finally able to relieve it. If you're curious, this article can give you more details: Sexual Response & Orgasm: A Users Guide.

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