HRT with unsupportive(?) parents

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HRT with unsupportive(?) parents

Unread post by confusedhuman »

So I recently turned 18 and I can now legally get HRT without my parents' consent, which is good because they don't think it's a good idea (and are only sometimes supportive of me with regards to names/pronouns). The problem is I'm entirely financially dependent on them, but like I don't know how the hell insurance or any of this stuff works because my parents haven't bothered giving me information that might be useful. What are my options? I found the nearest Planned Parenthood, and they do HRT stuff and take my insurance (which covers hrt I'm pretty sure). I'm assuming there's some weirdness with insurance and all that because the bill technically goes to me so I'm assuming it's not practical to just call their bluff and say fuck you I'm doing this anyway. One thing I could do is tell them that it's a thing I'm doing regardless but would appreciate their help and support. Another thing I could do is actually try to make the money to be able to pay for what's not covered by insurance myself, but I'm not about to go get a minimum wage job doing something that exposes me to COVID and I don't think my parents would let me anyway. One thing I have considered is trying to make some money through camming or something, which I could do without risk of covid and it's something I'm kinda interested in doing anyway, but I'd need parents to explain setting up ways to actually transfer money and bank accounts and shit like that and they'd also probably figure out where I got the money from, and they would 100% not be cool with that, and I don't even know what the income would be like, especially given that I'm pre-HRT.
Hopefully this made sense, I've been awake for a long time so I may be completely incoherent.
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Re: HRT with unsupportive(?) parents

Unread post by Sam W »

Hi confusedhuman,

Given how unsupportive they are, I'm glad to hear you're now old enough to start seeking HRT without having to get their permission. Since you already know the Planned Parenthood near you offers it, can you speak to someone there about what your insurance does or does not cover and what the billing process would look like? In all likelihood, they've probably gotten those questions before and can help you work out your options.

If it turns out you'll need your own money to cover it, I'd steer clear of making camming your plan to pay for it. There are a lot of logistical and security issues that can crop up, and it sounds like you don't even have the privacy to do it in your living space, which is likely to make it another headache rather than a helpful source of income.
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