Birth control question

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Birth control question

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Hi! I have a question regarding birth control that i’d really appreciate and answer to! a i’ll give you a little background info to kind of understand the situation- I started the combined pill in February of last year on a Friday, which was the first day of my period. The next month I wrote in my notes app “take pill again on Thursday” ( I presume for March and April I started the pack on a Thursday as opposed to Friday like I initially started) I must have got mixed up and in May and June I began the new packs on a Wednesday (again a day previous). However, since July I have began every new pack on a Thursday and I consistently take it at the same time everyday. In september I forgot to start my next pack on time, so I took 2 on the Friday (a day later than i was supposed to start it). However, since then I have never missed a pill or taken one late. I just want to make sure that I’m not at risk of ovulating anymore because I have been correctly taking it for months now, despite a few slips up at the start. Any answer would be great!

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Re: Birth control question

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Hi ah7,

It looks like we already covered the gist of this question with you in a previous thread, so I'm going to close this one and we can continue the conversation over there: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10719&p=55140#p55140.
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