I touched what could be pre-cum or more likely penile discharge, wiped it completely off then masturbated my girlfriend

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The Red
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I touched what could be pre-cum or more likely penile discharge, wiped it completely off then masturbated my girlfriend

Unread postby The Red » Fri Jan 29, 2021 7:46 pm

So about 2 weeks ago now, me and my girlfriend were messing around til it got pretty intimate. It started off just making out then it got serious pretty fast. I started rubbing her vagina through her underwear (they were on) and we were both enjoying it. She wanted to see my penis after she had orgasmed once or twice. So after we did that I pulled the top of my pants and underwear slightly down so I could bring out my penis. Once I took it out we noticed this sticky substance on the tip, I couldn’t make out the colour (it was in a very dark room but it was probably a clear white-ish) but it seemed to be moderately thick and moderately runny. I had presumed it was some form of pre-cum or penile discharge as I’d had a similar encounter with this liquid before, (I’m sure this liquid was there because I had been sexually excited, although my penis was in my pants and underwear, as I was masturbating her she was resting her rear-end on my crotch section before she orgasmed, the liquid couldn’t of been cum as there was little stimulation to my penis and I didn’t orgasm at all). We both touched it (I touched it with my finger l, I don’t remember if it was middle or index), I then wiped it off my penis using my singlet, then I wiped it off my finger completely (I touched it with the pad of my finger so it couldn’t of gotten under my nail or anything), she touched it to but she wiped it on her pants ( far from the vaginal section). Once we had ridden of the mystery liquid I continued rubbing her vagina through her underwear for about 10 minutes. After that I moved aside the underwear and started fingering her with my middle finger. At the same time she was masturbaiting me but I didn’t cum or even get close to an orgasm. Once we finished we were happy and all, it was only 1 day later she said “did you wipe that stuff off of your finger before you fingered me?” I got a shock but I remembered I did wipe it off, then we started worrying about what it actually was, whether it was cum, pre-cum or penile discharge (I highly doubt it was cum)but it could of been the latter 2, we decided to wait and see if her period would come around which at the time was due in 15 days. It’s been 15 days and her period app (flo) tells that her bleeding should of started today, so I texted her at around 10:30am and asked if she had started bleeding so she checked and replied with no. We’re both extremely stressed out as her parent and mine would both disown us, I’m 16 (turning 17) she’s 17, she’s starting her final year in school and I’m moving into grade 11, we seriously cannot afford to have a kid it would most likely ruin our lives. Please help, let me know if there’s anything I can do and tell me the risk of actually getting her pregnant. Her last period was on the 01/01/2021 and it usually rolls around towards the 26th to 30th and recently the 1st of each month, she has missed periods before. To be honest, I would of taken way more precautions but I was too in the moment to even think straight. Please tell me if this is gonna be okay or not.

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Re: I touched what could be pre-cum or more likely penile discharge, wiped it completely off then masturbated my girlfri

Unread postby Sam W » Sat Jan 30, 2021 8:33 am

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