White liquid thing

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White liquid thing

Unread post by _Dragan »

Hii so I'm a 13 year old virgin and lately I have been getti g odd feelings down their and this white liquid thing in my pantiys I think it might be from what I have been reading lately it has quite a few sex senses and stuff like that i have no clue if this has to do with what I'm reading or its nor.al because i never had sex before and the (cum) or white liquid has been happing a lot I really need help because I dont know what to doooo
Sam W
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Re: White liquid thing

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Hi Dragan,

What you're describing is vaginal discharge, which in and of itself is nothing to be worried about. You can read more about it, including when changes to discharge could indicate an issue, here: Honorably Discharged: A Guide to Vaginal Secretions
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