Inserting a bullet vibrator

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Inserting a bullet vibrator

Unread post by xocat »

Hey Scarlet friends!

I have recently gotten a bullet vibrator, and I'm having a lot of fun playing with it— it's body safe and silicone and all that and I clean it. There's just one thing. The packaging informed me that I should not "insert" it...but I really want to put it inside my vagina. Realistically, what would happen if I did? It's three inches long, which isn't that much smaller than my boyfriend's penis, and I put even smaller tampons in there all the time. Is the worry that it'll get, like, stuck up there?
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Re: Inserting a bullet vibrator

Unread post by Sam W »

Hi xocat,

I'm not entirely sure why that's in the directions, as many bullet vibrators are insertable and cannot get lost or stuck in your vaginal canal (even if it did get far up, you'd still be able to remove it). That being said, I'd keep following the directions just to be safe, since their maybe something about that specific model that means it's not safe to insert.
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Re: Inserting a bullet vibrator

Unread post by Heather »

Tampons still have a string to get them out, is the thing.

That’s why most bullet vibes will often come with that warning and should NOT be used for vaginal insertion by themselves unless designed for that use.

Some dildos have openings in them for bullets, and there are also bullets designed for this use that are safe in this way.
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