weird twitching?

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weird twitching?

Unread post by omnomnonny »

helloo me again :)

So recently I’ve been experiencing twitching in my lower abdomen? In the area where you normally get cramps. The twitching feels like a normal muscle twitch, kind of like when your leg twitches or something, and is not painful just kinda weird. I’m fairly sure I’m not pregnant and its only really exacerbated when I sneeze or cough, I can see it move too (like a fluttering?). It started the day after having sex and has been like that ever since. Is it something to be concerned about? I’m wondering if I should talk to my gyno because its not painful at all, just weird.

Thank you in advance!
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Re: weird twitching?

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Hey there!

Your abdomen is a huge set of muscles, so like any other muscle, it can get jumpy when it's been worked hard/is tired/is tight/ etc. I wouldn't worry. Of course, if this goes on for a long time or begins to hurt you, I would always suggest checking in with your provider just to be safe!
Alexa K.
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