Why Can't I feel Anything When I Masturebate?

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Why Can't I feel Anything When I Masturebate?

Unread post by jellybeaneo »

Hello, I wanted to ask if it is normal to not feel anything? I am female and it does not affect me that slightest. Am I doing it wrong? please help o(≧o≦)o
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Re: Why Can't I feel Anything When I Masturebate?

Unread post by Siân »

Hi there!

When you talk about not feeling anything, do you mean it doesn't feel pleasurable or turn you on? If so, then I wonder what you're thinking or feeling when you try masturbating. That's because pleasure is actually less about what's going on with your genitals and more about what's going on in your mind than most people think. This article talks about that some more:With Pleasure: A View of Whole Sexual Anatomy for Every Body

If you're wanting to make masturbation a more pleasurable experience, a lot of that is about slowing down and tuning into your own desires and how different things feel for you, rather than touching yourself in a specific way. For example, a lot of people with vulvas assume that what feels good is going to be playing with insertion into their vagina, but actually it's far more common to get a lot of pleasure from external stimulation. This article talks about some common ways people masturbate but don't feel limited to these suggestions - be creative and find what feels good for you! Going Solo: The Basics of Masturbation
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