The pill/ Mirena

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The pill/ Mirena

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Two weeks ago I got the Mirena inserted. I was already taking the combined pill but I decided to get the Mirena to have the most reliable method possible. 7 days after my Mirena was inserted I stopped taking my pill (as the doctor ordered). I’ve now been bleeding for about days which I believe is normal, however how long am I expected to bleed after stopping the pill? And is there any point at which I should be concerned?
Sam W
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Re: The pill/ Mirena

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Hi Alester,

It's tricky to say when the bleeding will stop, since irregular bleeding or spotting (or frequent bleeding or spotting) is also a potential side effect of the IUD. So, it may just be a matter of waiting this out and seeing what happens and, if you start bleeding so much you become concerned, checking back in with your healthcare provider.
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