Handjob and pregnancy risk

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Handjob and pregnancy risk

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A couple of days ago I gave my boyfriend a handjob and from that got ejaculate on my hands. I used toilet paper to wipe my hands but not very vigilantly. A few minutes later we fell asleep. What I'm worried about is if I scratched or rubbed myself in my genital area in my sleep too soon after getting the ejaculate on my hands. I have fairly long nails and I'm worried some of the ejaculate was still under my nails and then could have gotten onto my vulva. Should I be worried about pregnancy risk and/or consider taking emergency contraception?
Sam W
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Re: Handjob and pregnancy risk

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Hi mw4000,

The situation you're describing does not pose a pregnancy risk. You can read more about why that is in these two articles: Can I Get Pregnant, or Get or Pass On an STI From That?, Human Reproduction: A Seafarer's Guide.
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