Plan B

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Plan B

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My boyfriend and I have decided to live together and since then we’ve decided to get pretty intimate. I am on birth control pills right now I’m just not as good as taking them since at times I take them and hour or few hours late or early. I don't miss any though. I take them everyday just few hours late or early due to how my work is scheduled it messes it up.

Today we had intercourse and normally we would use condom as well but we didn’t realize we have ran out so we didn’t have condom this time. He finished inside of me and since we weren’t using a condom I decided to get a Plan B pill for double protection just incase my pills don’t really work well. I took one just 2 hours after we had sex. However when I took it there was still semen inside of me getting out of my private part even after I have washed and peed and all of that after sex rituals I do such as clean myself. Would the fact that there was still semen left behind affect the efficacy of the Plan B pill? Should I take another pill just to make sure or would that be enough to protect me from pregnancy? (just to mention we have been tested for std tests and we both are clear of it so we can not use a condom it’s just pregnancy i’m trying to avoid)
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Re: Plan B

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Hi kiiimibela,

This is exactly what Plan B is made for: to prevent pregnancy when a partner ejaculates in you. So you don't need to take another pill.

I'm a little concerned to hear that you're taking Plan B on top of taking your normal birth control pills. I know you've asked in the past about the timing of these pills and whether taking them a few hours ahead or behind your usual time is an issue. If you're taking your normal pills at about the same time each day, you shouldn't need to take Plan B as well. Although Plan B is safe to use as emergency contraception, it's not meant to be used every time your partner ejaculates inside you - only when other methods are likely to have failed.

I wonder if we could talk about some ways to help you take your regular BC pill at the same time every day so that you can be confident that it's working, and not have to use Plan B to put your mind at ease. What do you do to help you stay on track with that? Do you have a timer set on your phone to remind you?
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