When to start the pill again?

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When to start the pill again?

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I had unprotected (my partner finished during oral sex and we had vaginal sex without a condom right after) on Friday and took Plan B on Saturday. I haven't been on the pill for a few months because I wasn't dating anyone but recently starting seeing the person I'm seeing now. I'm just about to start my period so I don't believe I was ovulating when we had sex but I took emergency contraception to be extra careful. I then called my OB and refilled my birth control prescription since I've been off of it for a few months. Should I start the pill right away? Or wait until my period shows up? This is not the first time I've had to take Plan B and I'm a little embarrassed that I had to take it again. I understand that the entire process of becoming pregnant can happen between 5ish days and two weeks, and know that a person doesn't become pregnant immediately after unprotected sex, but I decided to take EC anyway. Thanks in advance!
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Re: When to start the pill again?

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Taking Plan B when you did was a good plan; it's because it takes a few days for pregnancy to occur that emergency contraception has a better chance to work the sooner after a risk you take it.
It's generally recommended that people know they aren't pregnant before taking the birth control pill, so you may want to wait a couple weeks and take a pregnancy test first, but if you'd rather start sooner I'd recommend you call your doctor back to ask what they suggest.
Do you need any information on condoms or condom use that would help you have some on hand and ready to go in the future?
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