Questions about porn

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Questions about porn

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Hi, I am a 14 year old male. After learning how to encrypt files on my phone I decided to look at porn and see if it was something that I liked (I wasn't planning on masturbating I just wanted to know what it waa like to watch it), but when I went on one of the websites I didn't like what I was seeing at all. In my opinion it was downright disgusting and disturbing and the ads on the website were very sickening and gross. I visited this website twice and both times when clicking on a video an ad came up that I found gross and disturbing. When I told my friend about it he also said he didn't like what he was seeing and also said he found it gross and disturbing. I am wondering if it is weird for someone to dislike porn and not be able to handle it for over about 30 seconds? Also, how do people enjoy watching the things on there when I find them disgusting and disturbing? Am I maybe just not old enough to like it?
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Re: Questions about porn

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Hi Avacadotoast,

It's not at all weird for someone to dislike porn, just like it's not at all weird for someone to like it. People feel all sorts of ways about porn based on things like their beliefs, sexual preferences, and so on. Too, porn encompasses a HUGE range of things, so while a person may be disgusted by one type of porn, they may discover another that they really enjoy.

As for why some people like the kind of porn that disgusts you, it's the same reason some people like horror movies while others don't, or like oral sex while others don't; people have different likes and dislikes, ones that have been shaped by all sorts of things in their lives. So what turns one person on may be really offputting to another. Does that all make sense?

If you're curious, these articles do a really good job of helping people make sense of porn and other sexual media: Making Sense of Sexual Media, ... n_part_one.
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