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Porn is...

Unread post by NeedRealHelp »

Hello, I have been having a problem with porn lately, and it’s been scaring me half to death.

I am currently 14, and have been watching porn since I was 11. I have read another post here’s with a story similar to mine, but it didn’t help me personally.

I started off as a kid with a completely innocent mind, and suddenly got an urge to explore the female body more. I started off searching things like “naked girls” and “girls without clothes”. Of course, the eventually got me to watching porn.

I kept watching, and this became a problem. I think I started to get addicted, and I would watch almost everyday. I also like this type of art called manga/anime, and this lead me to searching up porn with those topics. There were so many, and I felt at the time i had to see it all.

I discovered tags like “rape” and “Loli”. These are two very dangerous types of porn. Everyone knows what rape is, and it’s very unethical like the other tag “loli”.

Not many people know what a loli is though. It is a girl (either underage or looking underage). I think you can see where this is going now.

I’ve read many articles and tried to study the law about these two tags. I discovered that law of lolies is extremely clear. I’ve read that it is illegal, and it is legal. I can never get an actual answer. I’ve been wondering if it wasn’t legal in my country, because people have been arrested for being in possession in it, but not viewing it.

If possible, I would like someone who knows the law about my country to a certain extent to answer this. I also want some tips to stop watching porn in general, too.

Thank you for reading my post.
Sam W
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Re: Porn is...

Unread post by Sam W »

Hi NeedRealHelp,

With the big giant caveat that no one here is a legal expert, I think we can help you make some sense of the laws around porn in Canada. It looks like it's illegal to possess it; in other words, if you buy or download it that's considered illegal, even if you never actually look at it. Canada also appears to have extremely broad definitions of child pornography, because it includes things like cartoons or other fictional content, not just porn featuring real people. Does that help clarify things at all?

As far as stopping your porn use, have you tried switching from using porn to using your own fantasies when you masturbate? If so, how has that gone.
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