The pill (discharge)

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The pill (discharge)

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Hi there,
I’ve been on the pill for a few years now. I never miss a pill and always take my pill free week. This month my period finishes and I started a new pack, 5 days later I experienced some brown coloured discharged. This usually only happens to me a day or to after my period ends, not 5 days later out of no where. I’m not sure what this means and if it’s something I should be worried about. Could this be an indicator my pills not working this month?
Sam W
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Re: The pill (discharge)

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Hi Abi,

We can't say for certain what's causing the discharge, but as long as you've been taking your pills according to the directions, you can assume they're working.

If you haven't seen it already, this articles goes over which types of discharge are and are not cause for alarm: Honorably Discharged: A Guide to Vaginal Secretions. Does what you're experiencing seem to match with any of those?
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