Can't get to my clit.

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Can't get to my clit.

Unread post by skins »

Hello. My clit isnt visible, which I think my clit is a bit smaller and my hood is a bit thicker/bigger. I can't reach it. When I try and pull it back there is a very area, like the tip of a small bump, but when I touch it I feel no pleasure, nor can I pull it back any farther. Will I need to get surgery..? Help!
Amanda F.
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Re: Can't get to my clit.

Unread post by Amanda F. »

Hi skins, and welcome to the boards.

What you're describing is actually pretty common. Many people have small clits that hide under their hoods. When you become aroused, the clit fills with blood and can actually swell up and become more visible/accessible. Getting aroused also makes your clit more sensitive and can make things feel better.

With Pleasure: A View of Whole Sexual Anatomy for Every Body This article has a whole section on finding and stimulating your clit.

Can I ask if you've had any success with masturbation, or if there are any ways of touching yourself that feel pleasurable?
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