I feel like I dont love my partner anymore

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I feel like I dont love my partner anymore

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Hey I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for nearing 3 years in a month and ever since a past preganncy scare about 2 months ago and this quarantine causing less in person time spent together I've been feeling as if I dont love him anymore i dont want to end the relationship is there anyway I can feel in love with him again? Or how to deal with this thought constanty popping up in my mind ? I've already spoken to him about it and he is so supportive and wants me to heal from the scare.
Sam W
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Re: I feel like I dont love my partner anymore

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Hi Brainpollution,

You're certainly not the first person to find a pregnancy scare, or the current pandemic, is introducing new strain into your relationship. And it can definitely be upsetting to feel like you don't care about your partner the way you used to.

Can you say a little more about what "not loving him anymore" feels like? Are you no longer interested in seeing or interacting with him? Does it feel like the "spark" is gone? Something else?
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