How can I make penetration feel good?

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How can I make penetration feel good?

Unread post by Astra »

Hey! Just had a quick question.

So I generally don't masturbate because it doesn't feel like anything to me. I have little to no sensation, which annoys me to no end because I really want to masturbate and I'm very horny when I do it - by which I mean to say it probably isn't an arousal problem.

Something that really turns me on when I think about masturbating is the idea of vaginal penetration. I really enjoy imagining someone do that to me, so I want to do that myself.

Whenever I penetrate myself though, I feel nothing. It genuinely doesn't feel like anything at all. I don't know if my vagina has such low sensitivity that I actually can't feel when I'm being penetrated at all, because I can only really feel my finger (I'm not sure how to word this - like the only sensation is from my finger, not in my vagina).

I know that most people can't orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, or even feel no pleasure from it, but I really want to feel at least some pleasure from it. Like, really! Is there any way I can make penetration feel good, or any way to make my vagina (or any part of my vulva while the ball's rolling) more sensitive?

Thanks so much in advance (regardless of the outcome), and sorry for the awkward question!
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Re: How can I make penetration feel good?

Unread post by Carly »

Hey Astra - not an awkward question at all, this is our bread and butter! We have a lot of folks who write in with very similar concerns regularly. I think I have an understanding of the feeling you're describing: when you put a finger in, you are more aware of the finger there than feeling pleasure from the finger. I know this sounds like a non-answer, but all bodies are so different in the way they process sensations. What feels great for some folks may not work for others, and things we think should work for us may only feel the best under particular circumstances. This might be a matter of experimenting on your own rather than us having a solid explanation for you; this resource and this resource have collected some ways that people with vulvas can masturbate. Maybe there's something new or inspiring here?

And, just making sure, are you experiencing any pain when you did this, or is it just not giving you the sensation you're looking for?
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