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Unread post by Riley_Carter »

I’m a 18 year old “female”

And since I was younger, I’ve done masturbation in a different way than others, it’s hard to explain but it is definitely masturbation

Today I decided to try ‘old fashion’ masturbation. I’ve owned some toys like an egg, I tried that but I only felt it vibrate, no pleasure at all.
By feeling it vibrate, it’s the same feeling as holding it in your hand, no pleasure whatsoever

Is there something wrong with me? Or is it normal???
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Re: Masturbating

Unread post by Mo »

Hi Riley_Carter, and welcome to Scarleteen.

It doesn't sound like anything's wrong with you. It's pretty common for people to take a while to figure out what works for them during masturbation. While a lot of people enjoy vibrators, some folks just don't get much out of them at all.

When you're masturbating, how are you feeling? Are you already relaxed and aroused when you start?
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