Fat Fetish at 14

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Fat Fetish at 14

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Hi, I am 14-going-on-15-years old, and I have a fat fetish that I'm having a bit of trouble dealing with. For some backstory: for as long as I can remember, I have found fat characters to be powerfully attractive; I'd get an erection just about every time I saw one. And a little while after I turned 13, I made a Twitter account for the first time and almost instantly got recommended a weight gain/fat fetish art account. This was the first time I'd seen art like that, and it felt amazing at first and was a big turn on for me, but soon I began to wonder if it was "safe" or "okay" to look at that kind of stuff after seeing that multiple other accounts that posted fat fetish art had marked themselves as "NSFW" or "18+". I kept looking at fat fetish art on whatever non-18+ accounts I could find and continued to feel a bit anxious and slightly ashamed, like if the artist knew I was looking at their art then they'd get angry or upset, or my Internet Service Provider would find out and cut off my internet. Now that I'm 14, I've stopped looking at fat fetish art for now, but it's still hard to get these thoughts out of my head; I know I'm pretty young and I know I can't control these desires, so I've been trying to manage them in a healthy way. With that said, does anyone have any tips or advice for managing these thoughts? The only ideas I've had so far are to talk about it with my friends or write these thoughts out.
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Re: Fat Fetish at 14

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Hi JohanHusky,

I think stepping back from looking at those accounts was a sound call, given that it was making you feel anxious and guilty. When you say you're looking for help managing "these thoughts" in a healthy way, can you say a little more about what those thoughts are and what your attempts to manage them look like so far?
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