Why is it just one?

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Why is it just one?

Unread post by Outsiderwitch »

Hi so I’m 16 and I’ve been masturbating for awhile now but I’ve never actually had an orgasm till last night and I figured out that my legs shake which I knew why and that it was normal but where I’m confused is to why only my left leg shakes and not my right. If anyone can explain this that would be greatly appreciated. :)
Sam W
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Re: Why is it just one?

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Hi Outsiderwitch,

The most likely answer is it's just a quirk of your body. Too, if this is the first time you had an orgasm, it may not be a thing that happens every time; when you experience something that causes involuntary movements, like an orgasm, you can't always predict the exact reaction your body will have.
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