Reminder to users with anxiety issues

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Reminder to users with anxiety issues

Unread postby Heather » Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:23 pm

Please review our page for all of our direct services here: ... t_services

Note the text in this section, in the second half of that brief page:
What CAN'T Scarleteen's direct services help you with? (And where can you get help?)

Ongoing mental health issues or conditions like anxiety disorders, clinical depression, bipolar disorder or persistent phobias. For help with those, see: A mental or general healthcare provider. For extra online support or information, you can check out the National Institute of Health, Mental Health, here, or Mental Health @ NHS Choices here.

As we make very clear in that section, ongoing or chronic anxiety is NOT something we have the capacity, right environment, or qualifications to help users with. So please do not post or continue to post asking us to help you with these issues: we need our users to respect our limits and accept our limitations as a service. We are happy to help you seek out that qualified care, however, so if you want help doing that, feel free to ask us for that assistance.

Thank you.
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