Overcoming the first heart break

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Overcoming the first heart break

Unread post by Bubblegumkid »

Uhm so i dated my boyfriend for about a year and 3 months before we broke up. I can confidently say he was the first boy I've ever felt genuine love for. Although we were in a long distance relationship we made it work. Towards the end things got messy . We both messed up and hurt each other. I felt he didn't care anymore. We didn't officially break up(i blocked him and he made no attempt whatsoever to reach out and that's how it ended ). We broke up last month. I really want to get over him. I hate that i miss him and still love him even after what he did. How can i make it easier to get over him??
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Re: Overcoming the first heart break

Unread post by Sam W »

Hi Bubblegumkid,

Break-ups can be so rough and leave you feeling pretty dang crummy. I'm hoping some other folks will chime in with advice or their own experiences, but if you haven't seen it yet I really encourage you to check out this article: Getting Through a Breakup Without Actually Breaking

Too, when you think about getting over your ex what, ideally, would getting over him look or feel like to you?
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