Support for Black users

When you want support through something scary or rough, and help pulling yourself together and getting through, this is the place.
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We ask that users looking for general, ongoing emotional support post in this area of the boards, and that you use this space to both ask for, give and receive that support primarily from each other, rather than from our staff and volunteers. As a staff, we simply are often too overextended with all we need to do in running the organization and its services to do that for extended periods of time, and one of our main aims of our community at the boards has always been to facilitate peers to better be there for each other.

Users often report that they have no in-person peers they can talk to or seek support from: we want this to be a space for online peer support and somewhere everyone can get some practice asking for, getting and giving support so that doing it with people in your lives feels more doable.

Please remember that neither staff, volunteers nor your fellow users can provide or replace mental healthcare when that is something you need. Users struggling with issues like anxiety, depression, abuse or physical health issues are strongly encouraged to seek out qualified, in-person help with those issues in addition to peer or staff support.
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Support for Black users

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Due to the hyper-visibility of systemic and interpersonal violence against Black people that is being widely protested and debated across the nation, we want to offer a space for Black users to vent, reflect, and support each other here.
We here at Scarleteen want to acknowledge the emotional burden that these conversations and current events can have on our users, and offer any love and support that we can. Your life matters, and your mental health and wellbeing do too.
Please feel free to use this space however you'd like, and our staff and volunteers will only respond if we're needed. If you're a non-Black user, please refrain from posting here, as we want to create a space specifically for the community being affected right now. If you want to be a part of a discussion about how non-Black folks can be allies during this time, please join the conversation here.
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