Help with douching

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Help with douching

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I am a 15 1/2male who has been experimenting with anal for about a year but I have always experienced problems with douching. sometimes it will take up to an hour to get everything out, or sometimes I’ll get out all of the water and start anal a bit of water with stool will come out with no apparent reason, I really have no idea what to do and it would be very nice if anyone has tips
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Re: Help with douching

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Hi CherryCrab,

So, enemas aren't all that necessary when it comes to anal sex. The reason for that is that the anus and rectum aren't the bowel, and the bowel is where feces is stored. They're just the passages where the fecal matter passes. While there can be trace amounts present, which yes may have a scent, that's all that's there. However, if you still prefer to do an enema before hand, this article has a lot of advice on how to use them most effectively: ... e_an_enema
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