Pre cum colour variance

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Pre cum colour variance

Unread post by Juliaho90 »

So I had sex with my partner yesterday and I saw his pre cum, was white in colour, which isn’t usually the case. Usually it’s more clear and transparent with a tinge of white. I wanted to ask why there is a colour variance? It wasn’t ejaculate because he ejaculated later, about 5 seconds, after I gave him a handjob and saw the white pre cum.

Is that normal?
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Re: Pre cum colour variance

Unread post by Siân »

Hi Juliaho90,

My best guess is that there was some semen mixed in with your partner's pre-ejaculate, either from a previous ejaculation or the start of this one, which isn't particularly weird.

If he's noticing other changes, such as unusual discharge or smells, or any pain then he should go to the doctor and get it checked out but otherwise I think you're fine!
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