Vaginal bump??

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Vaginal bump??

Unread post by Kandy-Chan »

I have a similar issue [Sam's note: they're referring to a small, pinkish bump on the labia] but I just noticed it appeared today and is in between big and small and hurts- I just noticed it tonight so I don't know if I should wait before telling my mom but her horse died two days ago so I don't want to bother her but it hurts-
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Re: Vaginal bump??

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Hey there!
Sorry to hear you're dealing with this. A bump on your labia could be a couple of things, most of which are totally harmless. A small pink bump could likely be an ingrown hair or a pimple, just like you'd get anywhere else on your body. It could also be an infected gland or a small benign cyst. I would recommend trying a warm compress to relieve the pain and see if it goes away in a day or so.
If it's still painful or growing, I would definitely let your mom know so that you can get it checked out by a medical professional.
Hope this helps!
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