I can't get aroused whilst masturbating

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I can't get aroused whilst masturbating

Unread post by Pips »

Hi. I'm 14 and I've been experimenting with touching myself for a while now, rubbing my breasts, thighs and clit but I don't feel anything. I've felt all-around top to bottom but it's like I don't have any nerves. The only time I felt turned on is when I was reading fanfiction( don't judge me XD) and I got slightly wet. But that's it. I don't feel any arousal when rubbing my clitoris. I tried fingering myself for the first time recently but I didn't feel anything. I put a finger in and felt around slightly, I was kinda nervous I was worried I was gonna scratch myself or I couldn't fit more than one or something IDK, but I didn't feel any sense of arousal and I was kinda disappointed. I wanted to try maybe a hairbrush handle but I dont wanna ask my parents for condoms because they think I'm way too young to know about any of this stuff, I haven't told them anything about masturbating, I have a card but they can track everything I've bought so I don't know what to do! Am I fingering myself wrong? If I don't feel anything does it mean I'm asexual? I'm so confused!
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Re: I can't get aroused whilst masturbating

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Hi Pips, and welcome to Scarleteen.

First off, I promise we will not judge you for reading fanfiction!! It's not like none of us here do that. :)
When you're trying to masturbate, are you doing it when you're already feeling aroused, like when you read fanfic you find arousing? Or are you trying to arouse yourself by masturbating when you aren't yet feeling turned on?
The reason I ask is that many people find that sexual touch doesn't feel good, or like much at all, if they aren't already aroused. So if you're not feeling arousal at all, touching yourself might not feel very exciting. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong, but it's very very common for people to take some time and experimentation to find out what feels good and works best during masturbation.
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