Spacing out while masturbating...

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Spacing out while masturbating...

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Hi everyone :') I'm F17 and I started correctly masturbating (aka had my first orgasm) in 2020 when covid hit lol. That was a fun discovery.

My problem is that when I'm masturbating I space out. I used to watch porn and that helped me focus more, but using my imagination makes for a better orgasm. But I have a habit of spacing out a lot and well, I'd like to stop that. I haven't seen much about this online before. It makes me wonder how kids with ADHD or ADD handle this stuff. I'm not diagnosed or anything, but yeah- its getting annoying and stuff.

I'm new here- thanks everyone :P
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Re: Spacing out while masturbating...

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Hey there!

It's great that you discovered what works for you when masturbating! Spacing out is totally normal, but I understand that it can be frustrating. When it comes to masturbating, being relaxed and comfortable is important. When you use your imagination, do you think about the same things each time? I ask because maybe thinking about something different would help you stay focused. Similarly, trying new things physically might help to switch things up a bit. I'm going to include an article with some basics on masturbation, it has some general info that might be useful to you: ... sturbation
Hope this helps!
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