About cleaning lube out of you

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About cleaning lube out of you

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I was wondering how you... do that? I know you need to clean the stuff around you obviously, but when it s lube that s deep inside you idk. Do you just leave it there? Is it safe to do so? I know you re not supposed to clean inside the vagina so you don t disturb the ph levels and get an infection or somethin like that, but for both anuses and vaginas, the more you scrub the less slick it ll get, so you won t really be able to clean everything without pain anyway.

So tldr, 1. can you clean lube out of you? 2. should you? 3. is it safe to leave it in?
Sam W
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Re: About cleaning lube out of you

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Hi blblblbl,

You don't need to worry about actively cleaning lube out of your body, for a few reasons. One is that some lube will be absorbed into the skin (think about when you put something like lotion on your body; it doesn't all stay on the surface, our skin takes it in). And if there's excess left over, it often gets passed out with things like vaginal discharge. Does that make sense?
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