Took my Yasmin pill late

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Took my Yasmin pill late

Unread post by Juliaho90 »

Hi there,

I have been on Yasmin for about 1.5 years now. All is going good for me. But today I was late to take my pill, I usually have it at 1030am in the morning and I took it at 830pm at night when I remembered. Is this considered a late pill? Do I need any back up methods like a condom?
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Re: Took my Yasmin pill late

Unread post by Heather »

Hey there. :)

With combined oral contraceptives, you ha e a 24 hour grace period before a pill is missed and a 12 hour grace period before it’s considered late. You weren’t outside either.

That said, combining pills and condoms as a regular practice — not just when you think you’ve messed up with the pill — is always a great idea because the pill doesn’t offer any STI protection and the backup pregnancy protection a condom offers can also give you extra peace of mind so you don’t even have to be bothered at all in situations like this. Does that sound like something you’d want? If so, so you need any help talking to your partner about that?
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